• Collaboration in the design of a chemical equipment

    The Basque company Enaiden, dedicated to the engineering and development of products and equipment, is collaborating with the newly created Swiss company Ecytech in the development and manufacture of an advanced equipment of chemical analysis of water by the technique of capillary electrophoresis.     The innovative chemical analysis equipment patented by Ecytech has a compact and light design since it is a portable equipment that can be powered by a conventional power source or by batteries. The design of the equipment allows easy transportation since the target customers are small laboratories, research centers or livestock companies, who need to know the quality of the water around them. The equipment uses for the chemical analysis of water the technique of capillary electrophoresis, technique used in different areas such as chemistry, biochemistry, etc. Said technique allows to separate the different molecules present in a solution according to the mass / charge ratio thereof. The molecular separation is carried out in a hollow fused silica capillary of diameter less than 50 microns which is filled with an electrolytic medium capable of conducting the electric current. A small volume of sample with the molecules to be separated is introduced at one end of the capillary and a potential difference is applied between both ends of the capillary of between 20 and 30 Kilovolts, at this moment the molecules begin to move at different speeds, According to their mass and charge: positively charged molecules migrate to the negative electrode and negatively charged molecules migrate to the positive electrode. When passing through the area of ​​the capillary where a detector is located, they are detected and the chemical composition of the sample can be known. The engineering and development project in collaboration between Ecytech and Enaiden has an important social component since the equipment is designed for clients in areas of difficult access and with limited means. The patented design of the equipment has given rise to a first functional prototype that has already been manufactured and tested successfully. The company Ecytech will approach the industrialization phase during the year 2017 in order to market the equipment. [1] [2] [3] [1] https://www.enaiden.com/wp-content/uploads/EQUIPO-ANALISIS-QUIMICO-1.jpg [2] https://www.enaiden.com/wp-content/uploads/EQUIPO-ANALISIS-QUIMICO-2.jpg [3] https://www.enaiden.com/wp-content/uploads/EQUIPO-ANALISIS-QUIMICO-3.jpg